Behind The Scenes Of “Dead Eye” Video Shoot

mcr dead eye
Go behind the scenes with MCR as they travel across Alaska filming the video for their track “Dead Eye”.

“The video is for a song called “Dead Eye.” It’s a vibey, uplifting little number about fear and death and loneliness, and all the other stuff that exists in that space where the rainbows and dreams of your childhood used to live. It’s not about what you want to be, or what you hope will happen one day, it’s about what actually is, who you really are, and as hard as it is to accept, the beauty is that it’s real. Once you embrace that, you’ve really got something you can work with, something dependable that won’t disappear when the clock strikes Midnight. “Dead Eye” to me is a reminder that life is painful, and that death is always at the door. You can’t live in fear of it, but you have to know it’s there and consider every living moment to be a gift. Unless of course, you’re on an airplane, cuz flying sucks.” – Sean Stockham

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