"Gutters" Deluxe Double LP w/Digital Downloads


"Gutters" Deluxe Double LP w/Digital Downloads



01. No Sale

02. If You Want It

03. I’ll Be At Home

04. Restless Life

05. I Tried

06. Long Way Home

07. Gutters

08. Desert Road

09. 3C

10. Buffalo

11. Crosshairs

LP2: (all previously unreleased)

01. Joanne

02. Don’t Bother

03. Garden Ox

04. We Survive

05. Busy Bein’ Born (live/acoustic)

06. Are You On Your Way (acoustic)

07. Always A Reason


- Digital download of all songs (lossless)

- Limited edition snakes Picture Disc Vinyl

- 7 previously unreleased tracks

- Extended artwork

- Lyric sheet of all songs off “Gutters”

- 12 x 12 poster insert

EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION! Shipping within the US = $5. International shipping = $24 (sorry! that’s the cheapest we can get it to you) Shipping to Canada please email middleclassrut@gmail.com for further instruction.

*Product will ship in October

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