Vinyl Crates

When I'm not recording music, painting cymbals, or digging ditches - I work with wood. That's right, wood. Here's a look at an exclusive Handmade Wooden Vinyl Crate available through my PledgeMusic Campaign now!

If you don't spin records you're not alone. This also doubles as a stepping stool for your 2 year old, a grocery holder due to new CA bag restrictions, and can hold your trash, toys, used cans, or anything else you want to store.


-       The crate has a redwood exterior and a birch interior

-       Dimensions are roughly 17.5″ × 13″ × 11.5″

-       Holds up to 100 records

It will also come with photos of the build from start to finish and, if you want, I can create a custom plaque with your name or a symbol!

More info available at